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Founded in 2016, Ninelives Capital was created to further extend the possibilities of the two Music and Entertainment divisions previously established and run by its founder, Andrew Michael, in his roles at Private Banks in London.

Andrew leveraged his strong knowledge and extensive contacts at the highest level in the music industry to create lending facilities to rights owners and creators of recorded music.

The clients of Ninelives Capital are A-list recording artists, song writers and composers, all who typically have one thing in common, a requirement for additional cash flow to assist with adding value to an ever changing music career.


Lending facilities have been arranged for many projects including: 

  • Making independent albums away from the typical record label advance model

  • Acquiring rights back from record labels and music publishers pre reversion

  • Funding the upfront costs associated with live tours

  • Assisting with entrepreneurial projects including, for example, an artist setting up their own record labels, fashion brands and music publishing companies 

  • Publishing companies acquiring music catalogue

Despite the different reasons to borrow, all clients have one similarity, strong, robust future cash flows from royalties, live touring contracts, or sponsorship contracts with minimum guarantees. We are able to discount those cash flows, providing the artist with up front advances to assist with many projects, including those mentioned above. 

These advances add great value for the following reasons: 

  • Better terms than those advances from record labels (if available) 

  • Non-taxable, as they are structured as loans

  • The artist is able to retain the ownership of their rights, and have full control over them

  • There are no licensing terms, so there is no cost to the artist after they have repaid the advance 

We arrange lending facilities for established artists only, minimum loan size £3 million




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